Environmental Sanitation

Software for managing the activities of service companies, to enable the conduct of the company with reduced transaction costs and business risks minimized.

The main feature of the software is the direct interaction between all actors involved in the process: customers, suppliers and business areas.

Facilitates customers to request budgets and the hiring and monitoring of services. In the commercial area of ​​the company allows to interact with potential customers and assets through CRM tools - "Customer Relationship Management". Operational areas to integrate with security service orders, and monitoring to generating pre-bills. Allows providers to qualification and approval of their products and services.

This set is monitored by an ERP - "Enterprise Resource Planning" which integrates the functions of accounts receivable, billing, accounts payable, procurement and budget management and cash flow of the company, besides having management functionality of the required documents at all stages of the proceedings.

Foconet Environmental Sanitation will be available with all features in October 2014.

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