Foco was founded in 1994.

Our initial proposal was the outsourcing of business processes driven to “non-core businesses” activities.

In its first ten years Foco used to develop service model processes to companies, like Natura, managing its facilities processes and conceiving and implementing services in the company’s new plant in Cajamar, SP; Embraer, managing the repair process for aircrafts; Tubos e Conexões Tigre and Dixie Toga, managing its industrial units and BankBoston, managing shared services, among other important experiences.

In the meantime, Foco innovated in many practices, like sustainability in the supply chain, showing the importance of the big companies as for the impact on enterprise networking. This was a pioneering activity and got public recognition through Ethos Institute and it was spread to the market.

A new innovation field was the software solutions to support business processes management at our clients’. At first these solutions were guided to our clients’ specific needs, but as time went by they were applied to the market in general.

In 2006, Foco positioned as a company that modeled business processes driven to services based on a software solutions library.

This positioning gathered our expertise, named “design to services” – conception, implementation and management of service models and our experience in software development, a set of parameterable modules.

From this point on we carried out significant investments to adjust the company to a new business virtuous cycle.