In 1995 Foco introduced the issue of corporate responsibility as a relevant component to the improvement of the relationship between clients and suppliers.

Our understanding was that leading companies could have an important influence on its suppliers chain, in the sense of spreading the concepts of corporate responsibility and performing an instructing role in such relationships.

The first project was carried out at Tubos e Conexões Tigre. At the end of 1999 it was implemented at Natura Cosméticos to its outsourced services suppliers. This method was recognized and released by Ethos Institute and disseminated to Banco Real (ABN Amro Bank). In this bank the model was the parameter to evaluate the progress of the actions regarding corporate responsibility issues in the relationship with suppliers. This process was enriched by an internet portal, conceived and developed by Foco.

In June 2014 Foco begins an institutional support to the "Parceiros da Educação", non-profit organization, which monitors and promotes partnerships between companies and public schools. It serves pedagogical support, management support, integration in the community / school programs and supporting the improvement of the physical infrastructure of schools. It serves 108 public schools in the state of São Paulo.

This institutional support is given by the availability of our software to the operational management of the organization.