Foconet 5.0 Architecture:

Arquitetura do Foconet 5.0

In developing the software were adopted international best practices, with emphasis on the following items:

Mobility: Mobile software recognizes and automatically redraws the solution for adequate visibility in such devices, independent of access technology (IOS, Android, Microsoft).

ASP.NET MVC 4: is a framework for building web applications with the use of the term "Model-View-Controller", so that, with the object-oriented programming, there is the separation of application logic in relation to the logic interface with the user, bringing many benefits to the consistency of the software, especially ensuring that changes to layouts not affect the handling of data.

Entity Framework: is a set of technologies that support the development of data-driven applications, allowing all communication with the database is performed in a simple, secure and optimized.

HTML5: the language is more updated for structuring and presenting content on the internet.