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Foconet Solutions

Solutions for your company as the result of more than twenty years of successful experiences in market leading companies

ERP for service companies

Operational and Financial management, client interactions

Audiovisual contente producers

Finance and production teams interaction

Treatment of liquid and solid waste companies

Operational and Financial management, client interactions

Supplier documentation control

Document controls and updating

Facilities management

Service portals to users, mobile, client interactions

Condo management

Operational and Financial management

Mobile in all solutions

Foconet: adaptado ao seu negócio, intuitivo, baixo custo de implantação e de manutenção.


“FOCONET was fundamental in the beginning of our financial organization. Through the software can consolidate all data into a platform for easy usability. We have a training in software deployment and technical support staff always answered promptly. The most important in our case was the development of tools that meet our particularities.”

Amanda Nunes, Boutique Filmes.

“Foco goes beyond a strategic partner.It is in fact an extension of our company that allows us greater operational versatility, security of data and complete accuracy of information. Foco supports us in the process of the improvement of our management model, thereby taking an important role in the development of our strategic planning.”

Luiz Gonzaga Junior, GMP Properties S.A.

“After a partnership of more than ten years we continue to develop joint projects precisely guided by professionalism, competence, flexibility and agility in the development of solutions in the use of Foconet.”

Antonio Carlos Lopes

“The references that I bring with me on Foco on my professional history makes me always think I can recommend safety skills in process and systems, as well as professionalism, dedication and commitment of the teams that passed me during the three years I was in front of the Reverse logistics process at Embraer.”

Wilson Mancia

We’re very satisfied with Foconet Solution, wich lined itself up perfectelly with our inovation process in IT.

The tool allowed to increase the agility and the reliability of our process of reimbursement, including 28 thousand montly transactions, 80 sites, with gains with a paperless process, sinergy among areas and reducing the costs.

Besides of this application, Foco has been supported us in the project of inovation of our institution, with a fundamental rule in this process.

Tomaz Lopes Filho, Superintendência de Administração e Finanças Centro de Integração Empresa Escola - CIEE

“We have been using Foco’s services since 2012 and in this period we have developed a relevant partnership to catching up the objectives of our company.

Focus have supported our activities with Foconet, a software to liquid waste treatment management. So much the software and associated services have delivered results and performance, this have ensured the reliability of our operational processes and the results we deliver to our customers.”

Ricardo Pelucio, Presidente - Attend Ambiental S.A.

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