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About us

Foco Design e Software para Serviços Ltda was founded in 1994.
Our mission is to build business value for our customers through solutions “tailored “,  supported by a software tool library formed by the practice in leading companies.

Today we deserve services to Attend Ambiental, Banco Original, Boutique Filmes, CIEE, Cushman & Wakefield, GMP Properties, Okena Ambiental, Recintec Tecnologias Ambientais, Santander e Unilever, dentre outros.

The business model of Foco is supported by the concepts SaaS – Software as a Service, Cloud Computing (Amazon) and Mountly Subscription Plan (use licence).

Foco History


Our quality policy defines directives that guide the company relationships with its publics.

Quality services mean satisfied people and ethical relationships: clients that perceive services bearing added value, suppliers and business partners with fair and long-lasting relationships , motivated employees, pleased shareholders and the community receiving company’s contributions in accordance with of Foco’s competence .

The values that guide Foco’s actions are as follows:

 Commitment to what we promise

Mutual confidence as a basis to expand business

 Doing it the simple way

Personal communication to adjust expectations

 Being where things happen

 Being caring with people

Foco’s information security policy defines directives in order to fulfill the requirements that guarantee confidentiality, integrity and availability of information that flows within the company.

a.Confidentiality: making sure that the information is only made accessible to authorized people

b.Integrity: safeguarding processing methods and information accuracy

c.Availability: assuring that authorized users access information, whenever necessary.

Foco has digital certificate SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to protect data transmission via the Internet, with 128-bit key to encrypt and secure the communication between the client and the Foconet.

The infrastructure of our company is hosted on Amazon, running on replicated environment.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a complete set of application services and infrastructure that allow the execution of services in the cloud.

Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) is a central part of the cloud computing platform of AWS. EC2 allows users to use virtual computers on which run their own applications. EC2 provides users with control over the geographical location of instances (“virtual machines”) which allows for latency optimization and high levels of redundancy.

The infrastructure of Foco has the following drawing:

In developing the software were adopted international best practices, with emphasis on the following items:

Mobility: Mobile software recognizes and automatically redraws the solution for adequate visibility in such devices, independent of access technology (IOS, Android, Microsoft).

ASP.NET MVC 4: is a framework for building web applications with the use of the term “Model-View-Controller”, so that, with the object-oriented programming, there is the separation of application logic in relation to the logic interface with the user, bringing many benefits to the consistency of the software, especially ensuring that changes to layouts not affect the handling of data.

Entity Framework: is a set of technologies that support the development of data-driven applications, allowing all communication with the database is performed in a simple, secure and optimized.

HTML5: the language is more updated for structuring and presenting content on the internet.

In 1995 Foco introduced the issue of corporate responsibility as a relevant component to the improvement of the relationship between clients and suppliers.

The first project was carried out at Tubos e Conexões Tigre. At the end of 1999 it was implemented at Natura Cosméticos to its outsourced services suppliers. This method was recognized and released by Ethos Institute and disseminated to Banco Real (ABN Amro Bank). In this bank the model was the parameter to evaluate the progress of the actions regarding corporate responsibility issues in the relationship with suppliers. This process was enriched by an internet portal, conceived and developed by Foco.

In June 2014 Foco begins an institutional support to the “Parceiros da Educação”, non-profit organization, which monitors and promotes partnerships between companies and public schools. It serves pedagogical support, management support, integration in the community / school programs and supporting the improvement of the physical infrastructure of schools. More than 315 schools and 180 thousand students have been benefited since 2004

This institutional support is given by the availability of our software to the operational management of the organization.

Ecovadis Panel

Evaluation of CSR: corporate social responsibility

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